Meat production since 1963

More than just meat

Confidant Experience

That we are qualified tradesmen with a world encompassing experience of the conditions of the meat trading and the food markets – that is the guarantee to our customers for high-quality products at the right price!

Brand Loyality

We have customers who have been with us since the beginning and every month we see new ones arrive.

Fresh Meat

We are today one of Sweden’s leading importers and exporters of beef and pork. We also do cross trading and trade Swedish meats domestically.

Smooth Customer service

Our goal is to find an individual solution for each one of our clients in a smooth and efficient way.

Assortment range

AB Sten Davidson’s main business is with production/industry, catering and retail trade.



AB Sten Davidson’s main business is with production/industry, catering and retail trade. Our goal is to stock a selection of products well suited for our clients’ requirements regarding quality, price and not least availability.



The building of our cold store gave us new opportunities and we can today better adjust demand and offer. Despite the fact that Sweden has a self-sufficiency rate of 80 percent on pork and of 56 percent on beef, there are products with very little or no demand domestically. This gives us the chance to find new markets abroad. Today we export pork- and beef-details.

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Full range

With good knowledge of the products and a wide network of contacts, we always succeed customize our meat selection based on customer needs. Whether you are active in industry, retail, restaurant or export.

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Personal service

We are a tight group that always gives our customers quick and personal service. Just an email or call away. No customer is too small here or too big.

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Market expertise

Sten Davidsson has been in the market since 1963. That means we have long experience and ironclad. And we love to share ours knowledge and update our customers about scouting and insights.

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A good deal

We believe in good, honest relationships in combination with really good ones products. Here you can always feel confident that you are doing a good business. It is not for nothing that we have been in the business for over 55 years and have many repeat customers.

Pictures of cattle eating in the pastures
Pictures of
Pictures of cattle eating in the pastures


We continually keep a variety of beef, pork, lamb, fowl and game in stock.

Meat with Thyme

South America

During the cause of time our range of goods changes with the demand for new products. We import from most European countries, while South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile).

Kött mot vit bakgrund

New Zealand and Thailand

We also import stock from New Zealand and Thailand.



We import from most European countries


We shall have the best standing regarding customer service

AB Sten Davidsson shall have the best standing regarding customer service and shall better than our competitors accomodate to our clients’ needs. Our products will also be well suited to future consumers’ demands. We shall continue, together with our suppliers, to develop routines for reducing the environmental output.

About us

Our business idea is simple

Our business concept is simple. We import what we eat more of than we produce in Sweden, and we export what we eat less of than what we produce in Sweden.


To make it simple: we import Beef tenderloin from the green expanses of South America where the cows graze outside all year round to Sweden’s consumers.


Pig feet and beef kidneys from Swedish animals to consumers in Asia and Africa.


In this way, one of the world’s richest countries gets access to high-quality meat, while we in Sweden can offer cheap protein to countries with a significantly lower per capita income than Sweden.


By working with both import and export, we get a good picture of what the world market situation looks like in the meat industry!


We are happy to pass on this knowledge to you who buy our products, so that you can feel confident in both the quality and price of the product!

Our establishment has approval no.EG 521.

Our operation stands under control of the National Food Administration and is approved, according to EU-standards, for export.

EFSIS certified

EFSIS operates in 70 countries worldwide and is one of the leading global inspection and certification experts.

Credit worthiness AAA

By having since 1993 the highest credit worthiness AAA, the structure of our routines was implemented easier.


Furthermore, we take our environmental responsibility as importers through REPA